Welcome to MBT Designs - the official online portfolio of Megan Teeuwen's graphic, web, and interactive creations. This portfolio was created with the intention of broadcasting my work to the public in the hopes of building a client base. The portfolio itself was created through a combination of coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery and each graphic or image was hand made through the use of Adobe software. The background, however, is a downloadable template from Cicada Principle.

This particular design was chosen because of it's color. In the art world, this shade of red can be portrayed in many different ways, two in paricular being passion and anger. When it comes to designing, I do feel very passionate in my work while also very aggressive towards it. This is why the content is given a softer shade to contrast with the passion but to represent the purity of my work as well.

The work provided within the portfolio is only some of the best that I have to offer. If you would like to view more of my work or even like to hire me for a small commission, feel free to contact me.

Graphic Design

Happy Valentine's Day Designs

DeVry Student Club Activities


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Web Design

Web Layout Wireframes

Completed Web Layouts

Neverending Mall Logo

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Flash Generated Animations and Interacitve Media

Due to the recent rejection of Flash generated animations, please CLICK HERE to view all animations and interactive media in my DeviantArt Gallery. Thank you!

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